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We are Mauritius Attorneys Professional. A lawyer is an expert who provides legal assistance of a high level of qualification to both individuals and legal entities. It is the lawyer who can defend human rights, or the whole organization in court.

The profession of lawyer is one of the oldest. For the first time representatives of this case appeared in ancient Rome. At that time they were called patrons. Often they did not have a sufficient level of knowledge, for which they often ridiculed philosophers. The first associations and examinations for lawyers arose even before our era in the same Ancient Rome in the era of the Empire. It is these times that are considered the birth and beginning of the development of this profession. In ancient Russia, the courts proceeded from the will of the Gods. For a long time the very concept of defenders was not. The first mention of the lawyers of those times dates back to the 15th century. Called their attorneys. It was believed that everyone has the right to such a representative in court. The development of the Bar began in Poland and Lithuania, which at that time were part of Russia. In the 18th century, the first requirements for lawyers appear: they must be noblemen, clean consciences and learn from experienced professionals. No more education was envisaged. At that time they were already called the writers. The first institution of solicitors appeared in the 19th century. Since that time the rapid development of the profession begins, with the presentation of certain requirements to specialists and the prohibition of activities without obtaining a certificate. Nowadays the bar is very well developed. There are a lot of legal specializations and fields of activity of lawyers in the country. The profession is considered one of the most prestigious and popular.


The profession of a lawyer is considered one of the most popular. The direct duties of this specialist is to represent and protect the rights of individuals or organizations in court. He is an expert in the field of law, who graduated from the university with a degree and passed an internship.

In Russia, every representative of the bar must be in the bar association. The college assumes monthly contributions. To become a full member, you need not just to get a diploma, but also to undergo an internship with experienced human rights defenders.

Everyone has the right to a lawyer. And it does not matter whether you have money to pay for its services. In many cases, assistance is provided free of charge. According to the law, everyone has the right to be protected in court.

Given a fairly wide range of duties and differences of laws, the bar is divided into two main sectors:

  • Criminal. These are specialists who conduct cases on murders, thefts, mutilation, road accidents, etc. They know the criminal code and are able to work in such trials. Their rights and opportunities are clearly spelled out at the legislative level.
  • Civil. They are specialists specializing in a fairly wide range of legal norms. This includes civil, family, labor and arbitration codes. Quite often lawyers make their activities even more narrowly focused, choosing a specialization only in one of the directions of the civil sector.

The profession of a lawyer is complex and requires constant self-improvement and the study of new norms and procedures. After all, the legislation is constantly changing the penalties for various violations of the legal norms and freedoms of individuals and organizations.


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